Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Stack of Bly

A big old stack of finished art for Around the World. This is about a third of the book.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Win Some...

I've been asked a few times about this so I thought I'd address it once and move on. Some have noticed that the new cover on the paperback version of Lucky Breaks is not only different from the hardcover, but is not even drawn by me. This is true. Sadly things like this happen occasionally in publishing. I went through my archives and found this sketch. It was my one proposal for the cover of the hardcover and also the paperback. It was rejected both times, but I still like it. I guess that's what sketch blogs are for.

Anyhoo, more positive posts coming soon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh No! An Auction!!!

Uber-talented illustrator Dan Santat sent out a challenge to a bunch of fellow illustrators: Create an illustration inspired by his new book Oh No! (written by Mac Barnett). The idea was to come up with an image that would take place within in the story but still be separate from the events in Dan and Mac's book. So I added this little moment after the end of the book... the giant robot has been booted into the bay by the giant frog (really, check out this book) and this little boat comes across it.

Although a fun experiment, the REAL reason behind this project is that ALL of the original art will be auctioned off this week. All proceeds benefit the non-profit writing center, 826LA.

Here's the poster with details of Auction #1 (which is where my painting will be):

For more details, go HERE! Happy bidding!