Monday, November 29, 2010

Etsy Shop is Now Open!

Although I've had the account for 2 years, I have finally opened the shutters on my Etsy shop. There are three original art pieces for sale now with more coming. Eventually, I will also be selling prints there.

Cue REM song...

At last June's ALA conference, Gene Yang told me that I would never make the deadline for my next graphic novel, Around the World.

WELL, he was... right, actually. However, I did finish the the interior art last week. It's a wee bit past my deadline, but who's counting (besides Candlewick)?

The last of the three stories was the tale of Thomas Stevens, Wheelman (it will appear first in the book). Looking through my archives, I discovered that I failed to photograph any of the process for the Joshua Slocum section for the blog. I can assure you that I did finish that, too. Actually, it's all a little bit hazy. Graphic novels are like marathons and there are times when you get caught up in a blur of creativity. It is always best not to question the sanity of the endeavor, but to move forward each day.

I am very happy with the way the book has turned out and — for the most part — I did enjoy the process immensely. I'll be talking more about Around the World in the months leading up to its 2011 release. But for now, I shall rest... as soon as I finish the cover.