Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Thing That Should Have a Better Name

Here's another entry for my very slowly evolving superhero series. I'm not a big Fantastic Four fan, but for pure doodling fun, it's hard to beat The Thing. But that name lacks the usual Marvel directness. It's as if Stan Lee was late for an appointment that day. "Let's see...Human Torch, check...Invisible Girl, check...and....uh...whatever...The Thing. Oh, and stretchy about Mr. Fantastic?" It's not that I think he should be called Rock Man or something, but The Thing just seems too vague and insulting. Mr. Pebbles? The Human Quarry?

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jaz said...

Yeah... but the name speaks to Ben Grimm's sadness (as does the "Grimm"). After the cosmic ray accident, the others are beautiful heroes and he's the Thing.