Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, I was tagged recently by Susan to fess up seven things about myself. However, I do believe my foot was touching base, so instead I'll offer seven sources of creative inspiration.

1. Buster Keaton. Not only the greatest of the silent comics, but film's purest genius. He was also the best director of the silent era. Watch The General and think about his editing, pacing, and composition. Also, it's hilarious.
2. Orson Welles. The sound era's genius. Yes, Citizen Kane is that good. Also check out his radio work..all of Welles' stuff is about rhythm. Extra genius points for his sketching abilities.
3. Charles Schulz. I grew up devouring the Peanuts on Parade books and I think Schulz has had the greatest influence on what I find funny. His drawing is superlative. Huzzah to Fantagraphics for reprinting the complete works.
4. Ernest Shepard. One of my favorite children's book illustrators. The Pooh books and The Wind in the Willows are simple perfection.
5. The Beatles. Creativity, energy, and confidence. Listen to all of A Hard Day's Night and hear four guys who know they're the best band ever. And they're right.
6. King Kong. Of course I mean the original. No other movie has the power to instantly make me a kid again. Remains one of the greatest adventure movies of all time.
7. Jim Henson. Originality and conviction. The Muppets are one of the great creations of the twentieth century. Orson Welles thought so, too. Extra genius points for Henson's drawings. There's a reason the Muppets haven't been good since he died.

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