Thursday, August 23, 2007

Very Hairy Bear Arrives!

Since I can't seem to update my main website for some reason, I thought I'd plug my latest book here on the Planet Ham: Very Hairy Bear by Alice Schertle (Harcourt)! It's my first book using pastel and pencil instead of ink and watercolor. Available now at finer book emporiums.

Above is a sketch for my initial cover idea.

UPDATE: You can now read a Very Nice Review over at Seven Imp!


ML said...

I read "Very Hairy Bear" to my son last night. He loved the book. He wanted to remove the bear and snuggle with him as he looked so soft! (My little guy is 14 months.) Congratulations! You and Ms. Schertle did a wonderful job with this book.

matt said...

Thank you so much! That's really wonderful to hear.

Charlotte said...

I just finished writing my review of Very Hair Bear for The Edge of the Forest (an online review of children's books organized by Kelly of the blog Big A little a). It was a hard review to write, because what I really wanted to say was "this book is so great! It is so good! The illustrations made my children laugh and they (the pictures, not my children) were sweet and funny without being condescending and you should go get this book now!" but I had to try to write a bit more like a grown up. We especially like the bear in the snow picture, and we are also rather fond of your salmon.

matt said...

THANKS, Charlotte!! I'm very much looking forward to reading the review! And the snow bear is one of my favorites...I think it was the first image that really popped into my head when I read the manuscript.