Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Message from My PR Monster

In the next couple of weeks I'll be removing the chains that keep me at my drawing table and venturing out into what is commonly called the real world. This Wednesday I'll be at Borders in Wynnewood, PA for a special Very Hairy Bear storytime at 3:30 pm. Next up is the big children's book event of the season...the 16th annual Local Author and Illustrator Night at Children's Book World in scenic Haverford, PA on November 2nd! If you've been to this before, you know that you won't see more authors and illustrators crammed into one space outside of the ALA convention. It looks like the wonderful Eileen Spinelli will be there so here's a chance to get a double signed copy of Where I Live! Hope to see you there!


Eric Orchard said...

Great drawing. Have fun!

Beldy said...

Please be sure to give a heads up if you are ever in or anywhere near Chicago for any events.

matt said...

Thanks, Eric! And Beldy, I will certainly announce any trips to the windy city.