Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pub Weekly, Research, and Gen. Washington

Big George paintings in progress as I start to lose the elusive winter sun (December 2007).

There's a nice review of George in the new edition of Publishers Weekly. Anne Rockwell's evocative text inspired me to read more about the life of Washington in preparation for that book. The two books that helped me get a sense of the man most were His Excellency by Joseph L. Ellis and 1776 by David McCullough. I highly recommend both. I also listened to the audio version of 1776 while painting Big George. There's just something about the sound of David McCullough's voice. He could make the phone book captivating.


lady hermes said...

Hi Matt
Congratulations on that PW review with it's much-deserved rave for your wonderful illustrations!

I'm working on a blog about the book and would love to use one of your illlustrations. I'm thinking of the boy sadly looking into the fire. Hope you'll say yes!

Thanks for all you've done to make this book as good as I feel it is.

Brian Floca said...

Great review, Matt. Congratulations! Always nice to see a studio, too.

Anaïs Bera said...

"He could make the phone book captivating" :D lol

I ask permission to use this quote. Of course, I will give you the credit.

matt said...

Anne, of course you can use any one you want. Do you need a scan of the picture?

Thanks, Brian! And I'm currently amidst total chaos as I streamline my studio. Hopefully it will be more photogenic for future posts.

Anais, please feel free to use my little quip, credit or no credit.

lady hermes said...

Thanks so much Matt. A scan would be great since my scanner is on the blink!