Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long, Aughts!

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by the Planet Ham this year with an extra bit of thanks to all who left a comment. I really appreciate the support and feedback and I'm looking forward to continuing the blog in the... Tweens?


Cherie Rainwater said...

Hi there! I'm an almost-librarian out in Oregon (finishing the degree in May). :) I get your blog updates through my RSS reader ...each drawing puts a smile on my face. Keep up the awesomeness in 2010!

matt said...

Hey, Cherie! Best of luck with the New Year and finishing your degree! Librarians are some of my favoritest people. Thanks for following the ol' blog!

artistellie said...

I feel as though I ought to come out of stalkerdom to kick off the new year: yay for all the end of the year sketches!

I'm a highschooler living overseas who found "Where I Live" while in the US and immediately copied a bunch of the illustrations so that I could keep looking at them once I'd returned the book! Your art is so inspiring to me. I think because it's accessible. It's brilliant without being so intimidating.

Once I saw the tutubeastie on this blog, I was hooked (my sister got the mug for her birthday, of course).

Anyways the reason I didn't post before was I've got a little sketch-blog of my own, but I've been waiting till I "get all my best stuff up" to comment.

It'll probably never happen, so now I say bah humbug to that. If you ever have a moment and don't know what to do with it, it would make my day to hear your thoughts on my scribbles.

And if you happen to think the palette doodles therein are pure piracy...that's probably because they are :D



matt said...

Ellen, thanks for commenting! I'm very glad you like Where I Live because it's a personal favorite of mine, too.

I will surely be checking out your blog so keep sketching.