Monday, March 21, 2011

Occasional Plum #3: Services Not Required

I often wonder what Jeeves does when Bertie is not in urgent need of his skills. I suspect it's something pleasant. Here he is out behind Anatole's kitchen catching up on his Spinoza.


Cynthia Friedlob said...

I'm a great fan of Wodehouse so I'm especially enjoying your series of drawings! Thanks!

Fr Matthew Green said...

Very nice! I'd like to think Jeeves is a cat lover, since I am one too, but I don't know how he'd feel about getting cat hair on his uniform... Then again, he probably carries a brush around with him to keep his suit impeccable, so the kitten on his lap would not be a problem.

Have you ever read Spinoza? Here's a small real-life sample of what Jeeves may be reading in this drawing:

"PROP. XII. No attribute of substance can be conceived from which it would follow that substance can be divided.

Proof.—The parts into which substance as thus conceived would be divided either will retain the nature of substance, or they will not. If the former, then (by Prop. viii.) each part will necessarily be infinite, and (by Prop. vi.) self—caused, and (by Prop. v.) will perforce consist of a different attribute, so that, in that case, several substances could be formed out of one substance, which (by Prop. vi.) is absurd. Moreover, the parts (by Prop. ii.) would have nothing in common with their whole, and the whole (by Def. iv. and Prop. x.) could both exist and be conceived without its parts, which everyone will admit to be absurd. If we adopt the second alternative—namely, that the parts will not retain the nature of substance—then, if the whole substance were divided into equal parts, it would lose the nature of substance, and would cease to exist, which (by Prop. vii.) is absurd."
From Spinoza's Ethics

matt said...

Jeeves would make short work out of removing kitten hair. I think he would appreciate a cat's candor.

Thank you for the Spinoza. Interestingly, I believe that's also the plot of Code of the Woosters.