Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Messing About

I went to the New York Comic Con on Sunday. It was my first con and it was a bit overwhelming at first (and at last, come to think of it). After much searching, I did find the section that actually had comics and also original art to check out. That section also had a display booth for Holbein paints and I had a great chat with Tim Hopper about all of their products. Couldn't resist picking up some things and yesterday I messed about with Acryla Gouache and pencil for a bit.

Note to self: must draw for fun more often.


Zach Roush said...

1) Love these sketches and also have really enjoyed Bluffon. Hope it "sneaks" into the Caldecott awards like Hugo did a couple years ago:)
2) Question: Do you know if you need to seal Acryla Gouache if you have some pencil on top of it or is it fine as it's acrylic?

Matt Phelan said...

Hi, Zach! Thanks for the comment! I don't think you'd need to seal this at all unless you are using a pastel pencil. The gouache is fine as it is.