Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Love

A big thank you to Erik Brooks for including me in the I Love Your Blog thingy that's spreading around the blogosphere. I first saw Erik's work (and I guess he saw mine) last year when I was a weekly participant in the Illustration Friday challenge (all 52 are in my 2007 archives). So, in addition to Erik's great blog, I'll now point you to 5 other blogs that I discovered through IF and continue to check out regularly...

It's a Whimsical Life


Eric Orchard

Middle of Nowhere

Artista Blog

Go! Look!


PG said...

Hey thanks Matt! I keep up with your blog, but I didn't know you still looked at mine :)

matt said...

You bet I check out your blog, Gretel. That way it's easier for me to make believe that I live in the beautiful countryside. Love that cricket-playing goose!

Abigail said...

Nifty - thanks for the link!

And the sketch of the alien and his sidekick is really swell.