Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Signing!

If you are in the Greater Philadelphia area tomorrow, I'll be signing Storm in the Barn at the Borders in Bryn Mawr, PA at 11 am (take an early lunch perhaps?). Fun Fact: 15 years ago, I got a bookseller job at this very store. So if you need to know where poetry is shelved or the location of the coffee bar, I'm your guy.

The sketch above is not in Storm (I don't want to post ALL of the pictures). He's just an ink and wash doodle. Let's call him Reg.


Modern Girl Style said...

Hi! I just discovered your work, website, & blog from Seven Questions...and I love your work!!! Nice ink wash, too!

Michelle Henninger said...

I love the pen work! Reg looks very interesting.