Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Spot Books for Black Friday

If you have an illustrator on your holiday shopping list, you need to look no further than the handcrafted books of Margaux Kent at The Black Spot Books. Each of these amazing books feature cut and bound Strathmore paper (good weight, can take pen easily) and leather covers that have been scavenged from objects of the past such as saddles, doctors' bags, and whatever else Margaux finds on her travels. Each one is unique.

Here is one of mine. I've been filling it up with sketches for awhile. I call it The Wee Book of Pirates.

Although The Wee Book of Pirates is not for sale, there are plenty of treasures available at The Black Spot. The Etsy shop is having a 20% off sale through Monday! (I'm not getting a cut of this or anything, I'm just wildly enthusiastic about these books).

Oh, and be sure to check out the cool behind-the-scenes video. I love seeing people's studios.


Ben Hatke said...

Oh my gosh! Matt Phelan! My wife just brought your book home for me from the library this weekend and here I am just randomly stumbling upon your blog.

I like your loose style and your watercolors. And from what I can see, you're little book of Pirates is a fine thing too. I have a graphic novel, Zita the Spacegirl, on the way from First Second. Maybe we'll run into each other one day.

matt said...

Hey, Ben! Zita is so great! I first saw your work in
Flight and it's fantastic that you are doing a whole book with Zita. First Second is a great publisher, too. I'm sure we'll indeed run into each other at some sort of function someday.

Susan Boase said...

Thanks for the tip on Black Spot Books. Just in time for the holidays.
I can't wait to buy your new graphic novel. Just finished STITCHES and see similarities in your style and David Small's work.
As a children's book author/illustrator myself and great admirer of your work, I had to touch base.

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Matt!