Saturday, May 02, 2009


This baby eagle is here to tell you that despite appearances, I have not abandoned my blog. April was a deadline month, and I was feverishly at work finishing a new picture book (more on that later). But I promise to start posting regularly again ... with some big stuff coming up.

Until then, if you are anywhere within a reasonable distance of Philadelphia, you should get down to the Rosenbach Museum to catch the extraordinary Sendak exhibit that closes on Sunday! Go, go! It's rainy today so there really is no better time to go to a museum, right? Right-ho.

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Natalis said...

i've just got here...i knew there are many talented people on this planet, but did not expect to find them so quick.

love Your works, and sketches- what i love the most.
can't wait to do some research inside Your blog.
From the beginning :)

regards from Silesia