Sunday, May 24, 2009

Will Draw For...

I'll apologize once more for my lack of recent posts. I had two book deadlines one after another and I'm just now coming up for air. Unfortunately for the blog, that means that I did very little drawing over the last 2 months that was not for a book (can't show you that stuff quite yet).

I did however take a smidgen of time to draw this ukulele lady for a uke festival poster competition. The prize was a shiny new Ohana ukulele. Alas, I didn't win but here's my entry. I made the drawing with a port inktense pencil (seemed appropriate).

And then I gussied it up in Photoshop. She's supposed to be sitting on grapes since we're talking wine country here.

There are no sour grapes on the Planet Ham, so if you are in that neck of the Northern CA woods, check out the fest. I'm sure it'll be fun. And if you'd like to commission me in exchange for a nice ukulele, apparently I will consider it.

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