Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm very excited to be involved with the Spells Writing Center in Philadelphia. It's based on (but not officially affiliated with) the 826 Valencia centers. I'll be posting more and more about this venture in the future. In the meantime, zip over to their site and check out the upcoming events (including the Zombie Fundraiser, of course).

p.s. The Indefatigable Brian Biggs did the lettering for the above postcard image. The Incombustible Adam Rex is also rumored to be lurking about Spells Headquarters.


Anaïs Bera said...

How adorable is your drawing line!!

By the way, what is a Valencia centre?

matt said...

I just went back and put a link to the 826 site in the post (should have done that in the first place). Basically, they are writing centers that offer free tutoring and creative writing classes to students in various cities. I'm not doing them justice, so check out their website. And thanks for the compliment!