Sunday, May 03, 2009

Madame Collara


Anaïs Bera said...

I like her a lot. Not just the line, but what she could be. I can picture her as the character of a story :)

Vicki said...

I love the brushwork! I also love the baby eagle sketch below- he looks like the love child of Toucan Sam and Sam the Eagle (hey, they're both named Sam! Maybe that's how they got to talking). I remember you saying you're a big Muppets fan- This month the art museum here in Portland is showing a bunch of his films & early work, and the Smithsonian muppet show is coming to a museum in Seattle this summer. Who knew the west coast would be Muppet Heaven??

matt said...

Ooooooh, you have to go to that muppet exhibit! I believe the same show moves to Doylestown, PA in the fall. It'll be worth it for Henson's sketches alone. They're fantastic. And, yes, every time I try to draw an eagle it comes out looking like Sam.

And thank you, Anais. I was hoping to spark some character ideas with that sketch.