Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Came, I Saw, I Bid Successfully...


Thanks to all the wonderful booksellers that I met at last night's ABC silent auction. You folks know how to throw a fine shindig.


sophie blackall said...

Oh it was fun, wasn't it? Did you see the almost ugly but fantastic last minute bidding frenzy over your pensive pigeon? There was some elbowing and a heated exchange. You should feel proud!

Lauren Castillo said...

Hey Matt~
Whooohoo, congratulations on winning the David Small piece!!! Was so nice meeting you yesterday. Sorry Paul and I didn't say farewell before leaving last night--we looked, but you were nowhere to be found! Hope to see you again at one of the next events :)
Take care!

matt said...

Hey, Sophie! I stayed a good distance from the pigeon at the last moment so I didn't know about that. I kind of wish I had seen the heated exchange. Wow. I hope no one was injured.

Hey, Lauren! I'm sure I left before you and Paul left and thus the fault of not saying farewell is entirely mine. My 17 minutes at the bar went very quickly. On the plus side, I now know it takes me approximately 6 minutes to run from that bar to Penn Station. I managed to catch my train and more importantly, not lose the David Small painting.

It was fantastic to finally meet both of you. I hope we have another chance to hang out soon.